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      作者:管理員    發布于:2017-01-23 11:01:36   


      Strong magnetic separators in addition to the powerful magnet is to ensure the belt conveyor smoothly is very important. The main functions can be summarized as follows:


      First, it can effectively control the phenomenon of coarse particle size and gasket. The jaw crusher outlet is provided with a partition board, the general company, avoid the exploitation of the Arctic, alleviate other hard iron pieces for crushing equipment and Lining plate than the coarse jaw crusher 5 times, and at the same time to eat coarse, thick lines, has little effect on the lining, but there is a breakthrough cavity nursing is necessary to pick up the iron.


      Second, increase buffer storage and material transport channel slope. The influences of friction coefficient, temperature, load, speed and vibration and material properties of smoothness, can effectively reduce the abrasion of the metal wall, improve the service life, but it must be reformed under the conditions permit.