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      作者:管理員    發布于:2016-12-26 06:12:52   


      The correct selection of separators should consider the iron, iron material requirements, the use of the environment and its characteristics in addition to iron.


      2, when the iron material is large, should be used with electromagnetism, a row of iron capacity of permanent magnetic separators (RCDC, RCDD, RCDF, RCYC, RCT, CFDL series).


      3, when less iron contained in the materials, should be used to unload iron artificial electromagnetic and permanent magnetic separators (RCDA, RCDB, RCDE and RCY series). Properly reduce the hanging height is conducive to iron removal.


      4, when the material containing iron rarely, should use GJT series metal detector and strong electromagnetism excitation except with the use of iron, energy saving, good iron removing effect.


      5, when the power capacity is limited, should use permanent magnetic separators.


      6, when using the environmental dust is serious, should choose the closed structure of the separator, such as: RCDB, RCDE, RCDD, RCYB, RCDF series of electromagnetic products and RCYD series permanent magnet products.


      7, the separator is arranged on the belt machine head, because the material is loose and the momentum in favor of iron, but the driving wheel at the bottom of the separator should be non ferromagnetic materials.


      8, in addition to the iron belt machine installed in the central (cross layout), in order to improve the effect of removing iron, can be installed by the WCG series tape under non linear magnetic roller.


      9, except for the non ferromagnetic metal iron can not absorb, should be selected to detect GJT series metal detector, alarm and shutdown after artificial pick out.


      10, in addition to iron absorption of iron has the following characteristics: suction big easy small short; suction tip easy ball; easy to move the static absorption. The iron removal required, should be appropriate to raise the separator specifications or multistage iron removal.


      11, using multistage iron removal, after removal of iron level should be higher than the level before the suction suction in addition to iron, otherwise, after class Deferrizater iron poor effect.


      12, magnetic materials in addition to iron in a variety of ways, the situation should be complicated with my company's technical department with each other, according to user special purpose, special environment for special design.