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      作者:管理員    發布于:2016-12-15 03:12:17   


      Here we introduce the application of magnetic separator in ceramic industry:


      In the production process of daily use ceramics, if the amount of iron is too high, the damage to the ceramic product greatly, on the one hand, the impact of commodity whiteness, on the other hand will be a large number of mottled, affecting the quality of the progress of the goods. For this situation, the processing of ceramic materials in the process of removing iron is not less. Especially with the low iron content of high-quality porcelain clay materials increasingly dry, iron should need to be further strengthened in the process of removing clay materials.


      In this regard, the ceramic industry for more than iron needs and with the increasingly high demand, but domestic conventional flash disadvantages except iron is more and more obvious, such as long time operation in the moist environment, the excitation coil is easy to damp short-circuit, resulting in the presentation of the coil burning appearance; magnetic media filter made of with engineering pure iron, easy to rust; when the paste is made up of equipment at the bottom to remove iron, due to high concentration of slurry, the simple filter blocked and so on.


      Separator with magnetic suction is particularly strong, stable, simple operation function layout of compact, light weight, convenient operation and maintenance and other advantages, very suitable for high concentration slurry in addition to iron, and the effect is very obvious.


      This is in addition to the application of iron in ceramic industry, I hope you understand