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      作者:管理員    發布于:2016-12-01 03:12:42   

      永磁帶式除鐵器對工作環境的要求詳細信息 :

      Separator details:


      How to make a reasonable choice in addition to iron so as to improve the production, the following Xiaobian to introduce in detail:


      1, according to the requirements, in addition to the net rate of exchange of miscellaneous materials containing iron, the working environment the correct selection of iron remover.


      2, the following recommended bandwidth 1400mm belt conveyor belt type permanent magnetic separators, belt machine above the bandwidth of 1600mm is recommended for the electromagnetic iron removing machine.


      3, the separator is arranged on the belt machine head, because of material inertia force in a loose state left belt, to remove iron, if the belt conveyor head drive structure is made of non-magnetic material, iron removal effect will be better.


      4, in addition to hanging device should be according to the actual needs of the iron working environment to the selected, according to the determination of hanging position and environmental condition of iron removal after purchase.


      5, the central belt machine installation Deferrizater iron, can be in addition to the iron roller under no magnetic Pinto roller, a way to further increase the removal effect of loss.


      6, the use of multi-stage iron removal, after the removal of iron suction should be higher than the level of iron suction, otherwise, will be in addition to the effect of low iron removal.


      7, the site environment is special, the situation is complex, we will carry out special design for the user to meet the requirements of the actual working conditions.


      The above is a small series of iron machine related information, if you want to further understand the company's products, please visit our company website for advice