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      作者:管理員    發布于:2016-11-24 02:11:19   


      As everyone knows, the permanent magnetic separator is a powerful magnetic field can produce attractive equipment, it can be mixed with clean ferromagnetic material in the material, to ensure the safety of transportation system in crusher, grinding machine normal work. So what do you do in the usual work? Don't worry, the next small series for you to explain about:


      First, before work: should first conduct a comprehensive inspection of the view, the screw is loose, the belt is cut, the electromagnetic separator to check whether wire aging, damage.


      Two, work: should always check the electric control index is normal, the excitation effect is good, and the air humidity, air temperature, temperature are the important factors influencing the normal excitation magnetic separator.


      Three, after parking: under normal circumstances, in addition to iron permanent magnet excitation is completed, after unloading the ferromagnetic impurities should immediately stop work, electromagnetic Separators should be immediately cut off, remove impurities.


      In short, only can operate strictly in accordance with the above three steps to improve the working efficiency of permanent magnetic separators, also can prolong the life of the equipment!