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      作者:管理員    發布于:2016-11-09 05:11:18   


      The separator is divided into two kinds, electromagnetic Separators and permanent magnetic separators. In today's market, two types of separators are widely used, in a part of the enterprise has played an irreplaceable role. In the modern sense, ceramic industry should be a familiar sense, today we Yueyang lifting electromagnet Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is here with you to talk about the ceramic industry electromagnetic separator.


      For now it becomes more and more fine lines of industry, iron removal problem is paid more and more attention, from the original iron glaze to the current development of blank iron removal. The process carefully prove the necessity of improving iron, and electromagnetic separator equipment from a production line with a previous to a production line is equipped with more than 3 series separator.


      For electromagnetic Separators, the time is earlier, the market generally good, oil and gas power is a strong magnetic field is larger, for sorting some weak magnetic material are more fit, but the relative price, investment is large, and the power consumption is also increased.