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      作者:管理員    發布于:2016-10-26 02:10:49   


      The user in the selection of separator must first consider whether the conveyor belt conveyor, belt speed, bandwidth, angle, properties, humidity, particle size, material thickness, material containing iron, ferromagnetic material, particle properties, iron removal requirements, use of the environment (temperature, humidity, dust, non corrosive in addition, etc.) characteristics of iron itself, the installation position and size etc..


      When the number of iron containing material in amount, should be used for automatic removal of iron magnetic separator, while less amount of iron contained in the materials, should be used to unload Iron Hanging artificial electromagnetic separator, permanent magnetic separators. When the ferromagnetic materials in very little, the metal detector with strong magnetic electromagnetism, permanent magnetic separators supporting the use of automatic monitoring, automatic removal of iron, with energy saving, long service life, in addition to iron good.


      In the use of electromagnetic suspension, permanent magnetic separator, such as material thickness and magnetic parallel roller supporting the use, improves the removal rate. Can also be appropriate to reduce the height of the suspension, in order to achieve the desired effect of iron removal.