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      作者:管理員    發布于:2016-10-18 03:10:26   


      On the magnetic separator, magnetic equipment sales than other common equipment are high, and its customer feedback is better, so the reputation of other convenient also win common separator. Today with a small series to analyze how strong magnetic separation of the opponent's.


      1, strong magnetic separator after technical improvement, simple structure, energy consumption, electricity saving equipment during operation, no magnet rotor excitation current, the overall power consumption province. Process flow is simple, easy to operate, save a lot of labor, low cost of production investment.


      2, strong magnetic separation of the magnet system is an open structure, high magnetic separation efficiency, strong processing capacity, and will not form a blocking phenomenon, running smoothly. Dynamic magnetic system can produce magnetic minerals mobile phenomenon on the surface of the cylinder, the cylinder will not form adhesion phenomenon, realize the separation of materials.


      3, the magnet service life is longer, the roller protection magnet is not directly contact with the material, avoid unnecessary wear and tear, it is conducive to reduce the cost of production and maintenance.


      4, strong magnetic separation machine can not only extract the magnetic separation of weak magnetic minerals at the same time also magnetic separation of strong magnetic minerals, the taste of the concentrate, and tailings recovery rate is low.


      The above 4 major advantages of strong magnetic separation machine is an important competitiveness, quality of strong magnetic equipment or need to the authority of the manufacturers to buy, the quality is guaranteed, the credibility of good, and good after-sales service