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      作者:管理員    發布于:2016-09-30 04:09:40   

      永磁除鐵器內部采用高矯頑力,高剩磁的特殊永磁體“釹鐵硼”等材 料組成復合磁系,具有免維護、磁力強、壽命長、安裝簡單、使用方便、運行可靠等優點。那么它的感應強度是如何體現的呢?請看下面的介紹:

      Permanent magnetic separator with high coercivity and high remanence special permanent magnet Nd-Fe-B materials composite magnetic system, with strong magnetic force, maintenance free, long service life, advantages of simple installation, convenient use, reliable operation etc.. So how does it feel? Please look at the following introduction:


      In addition to the permanent magnet high iron electromagnetic energy conversion efficiency; and be ready to lead sealing technology of magnetic material, to avoid oxidation and shorten the service life; in addition to the production of a variety of iron should be the same in different power flow, to adapt to the needs of the economy using multi-stage cleaning; the degree of automation of iron must be high, while reducing pulp (powder) and water loss material, especially the glaze removing iron; in spray drying tower for separator effective flow to be big, can adapt to the plasma processing capacity of 20t / h; the structure is simple, easy maintenance, small volume as far as possible, the use of safe and reliable; pulp material (powder) the transmission path, the use of high-quality stainless steel, to prevent rust and other impurities two.


      Hope the above permanent magnet separator is introduced to help you, if you have any questions please call.