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      作者:管理員    發布于:2016-09-29 04:09:58   


      Electromagnetic separator series dump type electromagnetic separator is the body and the two part iron unloading mechanism. The internal use of special resin casting, self - cooling type fully sealed structure. Large penetration depth. Strong suction, dust, rain, corrosion resistance and other advantages, in extremely harsh environments can still run reliably. Automatic unloading mechanism. The suction is stronger, the adaptation surface is wider, and can meet the requirements of various occasions. The following small series for you to detail the operating specifications:


      1, the mobile iron remover or abandoned iron, in addition to iron within the range of 1.5 meters from the station were closed and traffic, to prevent personal injury accident.


      2, received the dispatch instructions, to be in the belt before the start, the control cabinet on the left side of the power switch to the power supply.


      3, press the "forward" or "back" button, the separator to smoothly move above the belt start stop.


      4, then the control cabinet on the right hand switch to "automatic" position, then the absorption of iron indicator light, indicating that the disk through electric excitation. Current, voltage meter display.


      5, when the magnetic separator in the belt running in the absorption of iron, can press the "forward" or "back" button, will be moved to the abandoned iron separator stationary above the platform to stay.


      6, in addition to arrive above the abandoned iron iron platform stop, then turn on the right side of the switch to manual position, then the iron absorption lights off, waiting to be sucked into the iron platform.


      7, after the completion of the iron, and then the disk to move to the upper side of the running belt, while the right side switch to "automatic" position, to the disk through the electricity, iron absorption indicator light, waiting for the absorption of iron.


      8, such as the running of the belt for a long time to stop, should be immediately cut off the power of the disk, saving energy, the belt to start in time to switch on the power supply, waiting for iron absorption.