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      作者:管理員    發布于:2016-09-05 06:09:25   


      Coal has a lot of use, it can be used for power generation, steam, heating and so on, but also one of the basic raw materials of industry, coal is the most important energy. Electromagnetic separator is widely used in the coal mine in addition to iron, to introduce the coal seam thickness on the electromagnetic effect of removing effect of removing iron iron.


      Electromagnetic separator to remove the conveyer belt in coal iron, to overcome gravity, iron pieces of the coal layer on the gravity, friction, iron was added to the gravitational field of iron magnetic iron objects. The iron from the disk pole near the suction by the other, negative influence is small, so keep iron does not fall down the field, than to iron absorption from the coal field needed much smaller, so in order to control the electromagnetic separator temperature rise, in addition to iron pre installed metal detectors.


      When the iron conveyor belt, metal detector signal to make electromagnetic Separators, produces strong magnetic iron, iron will suck it up. In general, electromagnetic Separators need only ensure that the iron piece does not fall down the magnetic field is enough. In order to ensure the reliability of the metal detector, double sensor can be used in parallel, as long as a detector to detect iron, electromagnetic separator will immediately generate strong magnetic.


      In addition to the factors affecting electromagnetic iron iron removal effect are many, the thickness of coal seam is one of the factors, to achieve the desired results, consider various reasons, want to learn more about the electromagnetic Deferrizater iron information, welcome to contact us.