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      作者:管理員    發布于:2016-08-03 04:08:35   

      磁選機是在產業界使用最廣泛的、通用性高的機種之一,使用于再利用粉狀粒體中的除去鐵粉等,磁選機廣泛用于資源回收,木材業、礦業、窯業、化學、食品等其他工場。磁選機適用于粒度3mm以下的磁鐵礦、磁黃鐵礦、焙燒礦、鈦鐵礦等物料的濕式磁選,也用于煤、非金屬礦、建材等物料的除鐵作業。 磁選機的磁系,采用優質鐵氧體材料或與稀土磁鋼復合而成,以前筒表平均磁感應強度為800-4000mT。目前由于技術的發展,磁選機可以做成輥狀,磁場強度也提高到8000mT.已經是目前實測最高的磁場強度。那么我們在購買磁選機之后,在操作時我們要注意哪些事項呢?

      Magnetic separator is in the industry to use the most extensive, high universality, one of the models, used in recycle powder particles in the removal of iron, magnetic separator is widely used in resource recovery, wood industry, mining, ceramics, chemical, food etc. other factories. Magnetic separator is suitable for the wet magnetic separation of magnetite, magnetic pyrite, roasted ore, titanium iron ore and other materials, and also used in coal, non-metallic minerals, building materials and other materials in the 3mm. Using high-quality ferrite materials or with the rare earth magnet compound and into, tube sheet before the average magnetic induction intensity for 800-4000mT magnetic separator magnetic system. At present, due to the development of technology, magnetic separation machine can be made into the roll shape, the magnetic field strength is also increased to 8000mT. is already the highest measured magnetic field strength. So we buy magnetic separator after the operation, we should pay attention to what matters it?


      One, to maintain good lubrication condition is to extend the life of an important link. Open gear should have sufficient lubricating oil, bearing oil hole on the cover, at least once every three months oiling.


      Second, should at any time remove pulp heads of rods or wire like thing, so when the amount of ore hours, these things do not go up soon will drum skin grinding bad or scratched. Whether there is a foreign body in the garden, can be checked through the observation hole at the end of the parking.


      Three, often check the wear layer on the garden. For loosening or breakage should be promptly repaired. During repairs, at the broken ends of the adhesive tape and the cylindrical surface should be sanded hit the net, and then glue stick firmly.


      The operation of the magnetic separation machine: before the mine to drive water; stop before the first stop to the mine. Pay attention to the regulation of feeding and unloading bulk water blowing of the washing water in the normal operation of the operation, the declination of the regulation. The operator should always contact with the magnetic grinding miners, keep abreast of changes in the pulp concentration effect on magnetic separation.