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      作者:管理員    發布于:2016-07-12 04:07:29   


      Permanent magnetic separator is using the characteristics of magnetic adsorption iron products, in the effective range of iron removal effect.


      Permanent magnetic separator with high coercivity and high remanence "special permanent magnet NdFeB".

      料組成復合磁系。具有免維護、磁力強、壽命長、安裝簡單、使用方便、運行可靠等優點。適用于皮帶機、振動輸送機、電磁振動給料機、平板除鐵器、下料溜槽上的非磁性物料中除鐵。清除0.1~35公斤的鐵磁性物質,內部永磁磁系使用壽命10年以上。 當永磁鐵吸附鐵磁物較多時,人工用非磁性刮板清除或戴手套摘除,適用于連續工作,含鐵較少的場合。

      Composite magnetic system. With maintenance free, strong magnetic, long life, easy to install, easy to use, reliable operation and so on. Suitable for belt conveyor, vibration conveyor, electromagnetic vibration feeder, flat iron, feeding chute of non-magnetic materials in addition to iron removal. Removal of 0.1 to 35 kg of ferromagnetic material, the internal permanent magnet system for more than 10 years of life. When the permanent magnet is absorbed more iron magnetic material, the artificial use of non magnetic scraper removal or wear gloves extraction, suitable for continuous work, iron containing less occasions.


      Working principle:


      When granular materials after permanent magnet Separators dump just below, the hybrid ferromagnetic impurities in the materials about 0.1 - 0.36 kg was sucked up, due to the addition of iron on the belt does not stop running, when the adsorption of ferromagnetic materials in the above through the non-magnetic zone, belt iron scraping, thrown into the set iron box, so as to achieve continuous automatic except for the purpose of iron.


      Scope of application:


      Applicable to the coal handling port, large thermal power plant, coal, mining, building materials, such as on the removal of iron requirements are particularly high places, in the dust, humidity, sea salt spray corrosion serious adverse circumstances normal work, oil cooling is the most commonly used electromagnetic cooling mode of removing iron, the product in accordance with the German and American Standard of similar products in the design by evaporation cooling iron production process, can effectively prevent the leakage of oil, product quality is stable, mature and reliable.


      Separator is a device for generating a strong magnetic attraction to hybrid ferromagnetic material in the material in clean, ensure the delivery system of the crusher, grinding machine, such as the normal and safe work. This equipment has its own selection guide:


      1 according to the requirements of the impurity removal rate, the construction site environment, and so on the choice of the right equipment;


      2 when the belt is installed in the head, because the material has inertia, leaving the belt in a loose state, so as to help out the material in the iron magnetic material;


      3 belt conveyor is arranged at the middle part of the equipment can be changed without magnetic roller roller Pinto iron removal effect, so as to further improve the;


      4 special circumstances, the situation is complex, it should be for the user to carry out special design, in order to meet the requirements of special circumstances;


      5 when using a multistage separator after the level of iron removal should be too sharp before class, otherwise there will be a low iron removal effect.