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      作者:管理員    發布于:2016-06-30 11:06:46   


      As is known to all, permanent magnetic separator is a can produce strong magnetic attraction device, it can will be mixed in the material have iron magnetic material clean, ensure delivery system have crusher, grinding machines, and other security normal work. So we have to work in the usual how to operate it? Don't worry, the next small series for you to explain about:


      One, work: first carries on the comprehensive inspection, check whether the loosening of screws, belt is cut, electromagnetic iron remover also check wiring whether aging, damage, etc..


      Second, work should be constantly check control index is normal, and the excitation effect is good, and air humidity, air temperature, equipment temperature are changes in iron normal excitation was an important factor


      Three, after stopping: under normal circumstances, permanent magnet iron excitation after the addition, unloading ferromagnetic impurities should immediately stop working, the electromagnetic iron remover should be immediately cut off the power to remove impurities.


      In short, only seriously in accordance with the above three steps of operation can improve the permanent magnetic iron remover to work efficiency, also can prolong machine equipment service life.